Bag #3: August 2008

This was the first serious bag that I've used daily. I wanted to try the things I did with the previous bag, but at full size.

AIMG_5312 BIMG_5314 CIMG_5327
AIMG_5312.jpg BIMG_5314.jpg CIMG_5327.jpg
DIMG_5321 EIMG_5339 FIMG_5340
DIMG_5321.jpg EIMG_5339.jpg FIMG_5340.jpg
GIMG_5346 HIMG_5371 IIMG_5359
GIMG_5346.jpg HIMG_5371.jpg IIMG_5359.jpg
JIMG_5411 KIMG_5421  
JIMG_5411.jpg KIMG_5421.jpg

I used this bag nearly daily for a year and a half (until I lost it in Russian River when I flipped a canoe and didn't have it tied down), and over time got a good feeling for what worked and what didn't:

What worked:

What didn't:

But overall, I'm pretty happy with this bag.

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